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About Marc Pekala:

Marc Pekala was born and raised in a suburb of Baltimore. He graduated in 1993 from The American University in Washington, DC where he studied with Michael Graham, Charlotte Story, and Marjorie Hirano and received a B.A. in Graphic Design. He also attended the Yale University Program for Graphic Design in Brissago, Switzerland under the direction of Armin Hofmann, Dorothea Hofmann, Paul Rand, Wolfgang Weingart, Philip Burton, Richard Sapper, and Pierre Mendell. Marc has worked as a graphic designer and art director for 21 years. His work has been shown in Washington D.C. at Decatur Blue and two of his paintings are currently installed in the Vineyard Theatre in New York City. He lives in Washington, DC.

Artist’s Statement:

My work seeks to express the simple beauty of form and color I find in the urban environment. Functional signs, graffiti, posters, found paper, urban structure, urban decay catch my eye and inspire my work. I aspire to expose the aesthetic potential of the imagery that surrounds me as I walk in my community sometimes sketching and creating pieces from material found on the street that many would find mundane or devoid of beauty. I am fascinated with type, typography and the infinite potential its abstract forms allow.

It begins with studying the subject, identifying and focusing on the idea I want to communicate, incubating the idea and then searching for its best means of expression. I seek to focus interest on form and color with the destruction of a recognizable subject; the idea becomes the subject. My work is based on a learned and disciplined process that does not seek an end; it continually generates new ideas that beg investigation. Pieces generated are indications of how far the idea has evolved and adapted up to the point of its creation.


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